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Tests4job is an online service offering aptitude tests. You will find there analytical, verbal and reasoning tests. 360 questions to solve in English, Spanish and Polish. Observe your progress, see how your competition is doing and use our detailed solutions to be better prepared for a job interview.


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Are you looking for a job? Aptitude tests will help you get your dream position

To be well prepared for a job interview, you need to know the demands of job market. Instead of standard job interview, candidates receive tests which show their potential and abilities. Recruitment tests in our offer, guarantee success. Thanks to tests you will find out what to expect on a job interview, you will get useful tips and improve your skills.

We offer numerical, verbal, inductive reasoning tests. Thanks to them you will get necessary practice and experience. Each interview test is also an excellent way to tame with stress. “Practice makes perfect”!

Tests4job – aptitude tests, numerical, verbal, inductive reasoning tests

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