1. What can I find in tests4job service? 

Service tests4job offers three types of recruitment tests: logical, analytical, verbal reasoning tests. Each category consists of 8 different tests with 15 questions in each. To get more practice, service allows you to go through the test as many times you need. Solving the tests is possible with clock on/off function. At the end of the test, user gets his results, access to solutions and his position in ranking among other users that solve the test. All the results are saved to show your progress.

2. How much time do I have to solve the test?       

Each test can be solved with clock on/clock off function. Tests with clock turned off lets you check your skills without pressure of time. Clock on makes you feel like on a real job interview. Timer can be stopped at any time and turned on again - this way you can have a break and continue without a need to start from the beginning. For both logical and verbal reasoning tests you have 12 minutes to solve them. In case of analytical reasoning tests you have 16 minutes.

3.  How long can I use the service? 

From the moment you pay for the tests, you get 30-day access to chosen group of tests. At this time you can renew subscription at any time or buy additional group of tests. If you buy a mobile application than there is a single fee charged that gives you unlimited access to tests. 

1. How can I pay?                                           

Payment for tests can be made by online payment services; PayPal or przelewy24. The guarantees safe and fast money transfer. 

2. How to get a discount?                             

You will get discounts on tests thanks to discount codes. You can get them thanks to our partnership program that allows you to get discounts thanks to recommending tests4job to your friends.After the person recommended by you registers and buys tests, both of you gets discount on tests. Second option is to find discount codes on our partners' websites.                                                           

3. Does the service sum up the discounts? 

Yes, all the discounts sum up. On your account, user gets access to complete list of available discounts. The moment you collect 100% discount, you get free access to chosen group of tests.

4. Can unregistered user buy tests? 

Every unregistred user can add tests to the "Basket" and choose on form of payment; PayPal or przelewy24. Next to make payment you have to log in or creata new user account. To register you have to give your e-mail address and password. After the registration is completed, user makes payment and system sends payment confirmation e-mail. 

1. Is my credit card information secure?

Absolutely yes. Card payments are accepted via a reputable online paymentprovider Paypal and przelewy24. The operator takes full responsibility for thesafety and usage of your account data.

2. Is my personal data secure?

Yes. Tests4job, as the data administrator, takes care of your data safety.These data is particularly protected and secured against an unauthorizedaccess. Your personal data is processed by the Administrator in accordance withthe Personal Data Protection Law. We care about your privacy. We have an SSLcertificate that guarantees the security and confidentiality of transmittedinformation, and personal data is stored in accordance with the standards ofthe GIODO (Inspector General for Personal Data Protection). Data is used only toimplement and deliver your orders and it is not passed to anyone else. Afterlogging in to the 'My Account' you have access to your data, that you canchange or delete at any time.

1. How to log in? 

After the registration to tests4job service, you can log in by filling in login and password in top, right corner. If you have Facebook profile than you can log in directly by clicking "Log in with Facebook" in top right corner of the page.                                 

2. What can I do if I forgot my login? 

Your login is your e-mail address given by you during registration process. If you forgot your login contact us on pomoc@tests4job.pl.                   

3. What can I do if I forgot my password?

To genarate new password click "Forgotten password" in top right corner and submit your login. You will receive message with a disposable password. After logging in you will be asked to give new password to service. Use combination of small, big letters and digits to have safe password.

4. Why I didn't receive message with disposable password? 

If on given e-mail address you didn't receive any message that contact us on pomoc@tests4job.pl.

1. How can I delete account? 

As you are logged in, enter "My account" and click "Delete account". To confirm you have to submit your password.

2. Are there any hidden fees if I resign form my tests4job account?

Registration as well as removing and account is free of charge.

3. Can I resign from my current test package? 

Unfortunately you can't resign from current test package before the subscription ends.